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Who is kate

Hello everyone! I am a 23 year old student who lives in London. People who know me well say that I’m a very fun and crazy girl. I love sex by webcam and you can see it in Livejasmin.

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What is Livejasmin

It is the most popular videochat community on the internet and Livejasmin is listed in the global ranking among the 100 most visited websites in the world. Livejasmin is translated into 19 languages, which makes it easy to contact people from any country.

Livejasmin allows you to videochat for free with girls who have previously registered as models who are connected from their homes when they want and how long they want. Although Livejasmin also has categories for talking with men, or even transsexuals, depending on your preferences, without having to be registered in different videochats. Free chat is public, and in Livejasmin you can talk with the model you choose and all users that are connected to that room at that time.

The only requirement to participate with Livejasmin is to be of age, and preferably to have a webcam so that you can interact online with other members. Don’t forget that Live Jasmin is a sex service for adults where anyone can realize their sexual fantasies in Livejasmin.

Update: to be able to access the old version of Livejasmin button that was placed at the top no longer available and therefore must use a distinct link to enter a previous version.

Livejasmin worldwide

Currently the website of Livejasmin is in the position 286 in the ranking of most visited websites in the world, any kind of them not only adult. This data is very significant because it removes any doubt about the actual use of the Internet makes people, adult content are one of the most popular network issues.

For this reason, Livejasmin has the web translated into many languages to facilitate access to all users from different countries and also allows you to find girls who speak any language. Something very important to enjoy this service video chat 100% since it is live and direct interaction is through the webcam.

You can chat with Livejasmin girls from United Kingdom, Ireland, United States or Australia for example.

How to chat with Livejasmin girls

As you can see, nothing else is needed to access to Livejasmin. No registration is required at Livejasmin to be able to see the girls and live webcam chat with them. However, if you want to chat in private of Livejasmin, you need to create an account, log in with your Livejasmin username and password, then purchase credits and click on “Start private show” in the room of the model that interests you. You can also send internal messages to any member, Access the VIP content of the models, such as photos and HD videos, and create a list of favourites.

You must respect certain Livejasmin rules of behaviour and etiquette so that it is a positive experience for both parties. As a customer, the first thing you should know is that you’re not dealing with prostitutes. They are normal Livejasmin girls who decide to make a living by putting on a sexual show from their home by webcam, and they set the limits. Likewise, in Livejasmin the customer is free to respectfully ask the girl for anything that may excite them, depending on their sexual preferences, and if the model does not agree, they can end the session and find another model who fulfils their desires. Also, keep in mind that there is no service contract, that is, you are not permitted to ask for personal details in order to set up a meeting in person in Livejasmin, whether or not for sexual purposes.

How to get free credits

To fully enjoy all the features offered by the Livejasmin community, it is possible to get the necessary credits for free in different ways. Currently, there is an offer whereby if you use a credit card to pay for your first purchase, you can receive up to 10.99 extra credits. When you do this, you automatically get a Livejasmin Premium account with the same pass as the one you had, and that will allow you to access the above-mentioned services. You can also get them by inviting friends, or even webmasters or models, to register in Livejasmin.

Unfortunately, there are no tricks to hack or cheat the Livejasmin system and it is not recommended to try to find and download “Livejasmin Spy”, “Credits Hack” or similar software, as they may contain viruses harmful to our computers and do not really work. You can find more information about this topic in this page.

In addition, all the credits of Livejasmin that you purchase or receive for free through any promotion are accumulated in your account until you use them. That is, you can save them for later and use them when and how you want. So you can better control their use and always know how many credits you have left available for use.

Working at Livejasmin as a webcam model

From my website, Katelivejasmin, I would like to say that Livejasmin is one of the best videochat to work for in my experience. If you’re a bold, beautiful girl and you want to work from home, it is a very interesting option. Working as webcam model can be done from any part of the country in which you live, or even around the world, without any problems because you just need a good internet connection for Livejamin streaming, a high definition webcam, and a desire to have fun.

I understand that working at Livejasmin can cause a little insecurity at first, but like many things in life, if you don’t take risks and try new things, you will never know if they are for you. In this article about Livejasmin, I give more detailed information about working on Livejasmin and some personal tips for optimizing the work, doing better and making more money.

With time and experience, you can come to really enjoy this work in Livejasmin, turning it into something fun. Some Livejasmin customers become regulars, and you have some complicity with them, although of course not all are nice or well behaved, there is everything. But you know that you only have to stay on as long as you want to. Many amusing anecdotes happen from time to time working at Livejasmin and you always have the ability to grab a warm blanket and have a cup of tea when you feel like not taking any offers.


Since November, 2013, Livejasmin has decided to use the new portal Jasmin.com for its videochat. This change does not affect the users because the accounts have been migrated to the new site and the same data is used to access the private area. A new, bigger change is in its interface, always looking to improve its website so that visitors have the best experience possible in terms of navigation and usability.

Jasmin.com is the new commercial Brand of the popular Livejasmin videochat site that decided to change is name, looking for simplicity and ease of use. Very much in line with its new interface makes it easy to navigate through the website and the viewing rooms of the girls who are online. With a style that is more elegant, yet fitting for the models with high quality photos and videos, almost at the high level of the professional books of the traditional models.

Jasmin cam is another step in the evolution of the live sex cams – allowing users to enjoy this experience with the latest technological advances. Jasmin webcam or also Webcam Jasmin is a videochat oriented to maximize the satisfaction of its visitors and optimize the enjoyment of the most demanding customers. Jasmin chat allows you to interact with the models from the first free moment without having to pay to have that first contact that makes it easy to get to know them better.

Latest news

Livejasmin.com will accept Bitcoin as payment - Bitcoin and the adult Internet market seem to go well hand in recent years, since several websites of this subject have begun to accept payments in this digital currency. The last site to join in this fashion is LiveJasmin.com, one of the largest websites erotic video chat in the world. With this new measure, they attract new customers who will pay gladly for a subscription with Bitcoin. Read full story...