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How to get free credits

Update: with the premiere of the new site,, offers for referrals have been eliminated.

I think that this is a question that many users of LiveJasmin have asked on more than one occasion, and I can even say from personal experience that even the private models are asked in their own videochats. Before giving advice on this subject, I would like to make two points clear that I consider very important and that I believe all users of this site should know:

1 – As webcam models, or simply “webcamers”, we don’t chat by cam with strangers and do almost everything they ask us to satisfy them sexually because we are nymphomaniacs. It is a job so that we can make money. We don’t feel like having Cybersex all the time. We’re not horny from the moment we wake up until we go to bed. That’s not to say that I don’t like what I do, because if that were the case, I certainly wouldn’t do it.
Therefore, it stands to reason that there are shows that you need to pay for, and you can’t get everything for free.

2 – There is talk in some forums and blogs about LiveJasmin programs to hack accounts and get completely free credits. For all the time that I’ve been working in this Company, all of this information and programs are fake, there have even been users who have claimed that they have had their computers infected by viruses or malware. This is the only I can advise from my position, it is not worthwhile to expose yourself by installing such programs, because there is much more to lose.

Having clarified these points, I don’t mind sharing with you tips or tricks to at least get some bonuses. How? With programs and offers that can sporadically be found and which change over time. There is no magic secret formula for this.

Bonus for new registration

If you register for the first time in the videochat, you get 30 credits in your account automatically without having to do anything else. It is a welcome bonus that you can spend anytime you like.

Pay with credit card

Each time you use a credit card to buy credits, you will get an extra 10.99 in your account, as long as you make a minimum order.