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Why the new name Jasmin

In the middle of last month, we received this newsletter from the Awempire technical team, the company that markets the adult video chat service under this brand, among others:

"Dearest models,

Please note that we are changing our name from Livejasmin to Jasmin. As a result, our private access zone for models and customers that are currently found in Livejasmin.com, will be available on Jasmin.com, the new domain.

We believe that this branding will be very useful, since it is clear, and paves the way for a new era, fit with our future development. At the same time, we have considered returning members that wish to continue the old version.

Best regards,
The team of AWE"

Although this doesn’t really make very clear the main reason for making this change, after so many years of using the same name, it is logical that the Company wants to renew its Brand, as it has done with its image by implementing major changes in the design of the site in recent years. And although I do not have much time working at LiveJasmin, technological improvements that have developed in the live videochat platform have also greatly improved the service and functionality of it, logically coming to be the most visited videochat community in the world.

Personally, I quite like this change. The minimalism is fashionable and simple is often more beautiful, even though the term Live was more intuitive for users to know that they would find even before entering the site. This is the excuse I hear from some users with whom I chat, saying that they had arrived at the webpage accidentally and that they really did not know that they would find naked girls on cam issuing a single click.

Also, the word Jasmin alone has positive connotations, at least for me. It reminds me of the Disney Princess, and what girl does not want to feel like that, like a movie princess, although I think her correct name is Jasmine, which is why many people have difficulty entering the website by typing livejasmine. It is also the name of a plant with very pretty flowers used to make fragrances and very nice perfumes, although the correct name would be Jasmin, with the letter “z” and the technical name would be Jasminum, which comes from Arabic and means Gift from God.

Changes for the users

This change of trade name or brand does not mean any changes or discomfort for users. Both the free users and registered accounts will remain, without doing anything about it. You can access the site the same way as always, just entering the new domain, or even the former, as they will automatically be redirected.

Changes for the models

Like the users, the new name does not pose any problem for the models, both for those who are already registered and for the novices.