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The first thing that should be made clear and explained very well is what we will find in a site like this and how it works. Although Live Jasmin is one of the most popular websites on the internet, as shown by its Alexa ranking, regularly placing it among the 100 most visited sites worldwide, ahead of the online presence of many very important media companies, it is possible that there are people who do not know or have never entered

Although it is somewhat obvious upon entering the site for the first time that it is a service for adults and that what we are offered is online sex, or cybersex as some prefer to call it, it can be confusing, especially if we were to somehow perhaps get there accidentally, through a banner ad or an annoying popup that we had not meant to open. In the latter case, usually it will direct the user to a special promotion where we can directly see a girl chatting live on the other side of the camera, normally dressed in a suggestive manner, and there should be a warning so that we know what kind of a site it is.

If, on the other hand, we have entered the main page directly by typing it into our own browser or from any other web, what we will find is the cover or capture images of those models that are connected to the video chat at that time, some in larger, more prominent boxes than others. It does not matter what country we log in from, because it works internationally and there are always girls shown from all over the world, regardless of where we live.

Screenshot of the Live Jasmin website homepage

Once inside, we just have to select one of the models that is shown and that we like enough to want to have sex through the internet with her, clicking on her image to access her broadcast directly and see if she is available. If her cam loads normally, and we can see her on the screen and access the general chat that is minimized on the right side, then that means that she is available for a private show.

We can also see, at the bottom of the page, a yellow button with the text “Start Private Show”, with which we would start, or head to the registration page if we aren’t registered, or to the credit purchasing section to pay for private chats, where no other user can interrupt or participate in any way.

On this same screen, we can also see the bio of the model, then add her to your favourites to receive notices when she is connected, giver her surprise gifts and watch her photo gallery free of charge, just as a guest.

Once we have chosen a girl, we have checked that she is available, and we have paid to be alone with her, it all depends on our imagination and what we would like to do. Of course, it is assumed that some formalities and behaviour remain, and the fact that we are the customer does not give us the right to ask for anything outrageous or offensive that is out of bounds. Talk things through and make the limits clear to each other so that you can enjoy the eroticism, the curiosity and the sex games that you can play together through the cam, because it is also possible to connect your own so that she can see you.