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New version of Livejasmin vs old version of Livejasmin

The current appearance of Livejasmin is very different from many of the video chat thing on the Internet. While most of the cam sites used the same formulas, usually a page with a block of pictures of webcam girls arranged in rows and columns, with a total of between 16 and 40 profiles per page. LiveJasmin does things very differently, has always been a pretty innovative chat portal and tries to differentiate themselves at all times competitors offering higher quality in all aspects, including the previous version of Livejasmin had many advantages over the of other videochats. There are much more detailed information about how to access the previous version on this page called

When you visit Livejasmin the first thing you will notice is that it seems more a site for adults than a regular cam site, but if you pay attention for more than a few seconds, you will see that all the photos are of girls cam and also that by putting the courses on static pictures in their profiles, they change to a video of the model live You can see exactly what you are doing in your live room without having to enter.

Another interesting feature in Livejasmin is that as you're making "scroll" in the smaller page cam they appear, so the time taken to load the web is less to enter since it does so gradually while you browse. Nor do you need to change page to see more models.

Initially, to facilitate that users were getting used to the new design, there was a button on the top to access the old version of Livejasmin. However, finally finished pulling it and the only way to access the old Livejasmin is the link that you provided above and is not public to all users. In this way both the old design and the new design were available.

How to use the new version of Livejasmin

After accessing the site, you have to do is click on any of the photos in profile that take you to a screen where you can see the live model room. There is that remember that only are the models that are in the public chat and are not in any private conversation with any user. When this happens they cease to be visible on the main page because, unlike with other videochats, girls only chat by webcam in private with a user each time, to be able to pay the maximum attention.

You can also make the size of the issuance or smaller or larger depending on your Internet connection speed, video even to display full since Livejasmin requires the webcammers to having a quality connection to be able to issue to those resolutions.

You can also send chat messages to the host as a guest, along with anyone else who is connected in that room at that time. As in any other public chat.

On the left side of the chat, there are several options which include:

Video as a non-registered user chat does not last long, maybe a minute and then the video stops and an emergentete window will alert that you've run out of free time for free chat and need to register free to continue in the same room. But you can see an unlimited number of models and chat sessions timeout does not have much sense. it becomes tedious so it is much better to register on Livejasmin and in order to keep the time you want at home room public.

If you want to return to the main page, simply click on the button close in the chat window you'll find above right.

Join in the new version of Livejasmin

To register for the new version of Livejasmin just you have to follow the same steps that we had to do in the previous version of Livejasmin.

It is actually easier to register cams site. Everything you need to do is enter a user name, password and email address. That's it!. It is not required to verify your email, provide a credit card or anything.

As a registered member has access to the same models cam than previously with the difference that now you have a userid that allows you to be identidicado in the chat by the girls, in the event that you regularly enter the portal and frequent the chat of the same models. You can also mark as favorite any of them to see when they are connected in your control panel.

To move to a private conversation with them and to see them naked and that meet your desires sex to the extent possible have to buy credits. At this point there is no difference with the old Livejasmin. Erotic shows can not be free.

So how much do credits cost?

Credits are purchased in packs whose value goes from $ 29.99 to $ 159.99. These credits allow you to talk privately with the models and are discounting according to the minutes you spend with them.

The price for each model per minute of emission in private may vary quite as choose it them but the minimum is $ 1.99 and the maximum is $ 3.99. The most popular and chosen girls tend to have higher rates as it is logical.

How is the overall quality and navigation in Livejasmin?

I decided to combine these two features will make a slightly easier review of LiveJasmin.

The chat webcammers are divided into three main groups initially: transsexuals, boys and girls. Once you've chosen the option of your choice use the filters to follow by selecting by clicking on the tab next to the search box and highlighting your choice. For example, you could select the girls and then filter them by which they are willing to wear stockings and have small tits. It is a good idea, just remember that the cam models are those that choose alternatives that are willing to do and usually want to choose as many categories as possible.

Some things cannot be seen as clear as in the old version of Livejasmin. Such as the number of online models and few of them are available in each category, however there are no problems to filter for example girls aged 18-22 who are naked at that time. The old version allowed you to select on the main page with many more categories and filters from the first moment and that was a feature that did much to some users who only wanted to talk with blond models for example from the beginning.

After some time getting to know some of the webcammers, I realized that I had a mix of feelings about the experience. It is true that the site is easy to use, the image of the webcam of them load quickly and everything works like a well-oiled machine, but some of the models that I met through the cam found me frankly rude. I guess that if your job is to be a camgirl and spend all day in front of the cam talking to strangers may finish a bit tired. It should be a pleasant experience and the star of the show should answer any questions the user may have before accessing private and start using the credits. And that is something completely to the version of Livejasmin that you use, no matter if the previous or the new because only changes the infrastructure.

I found that some of the girls seemed indifferent to the conversation in the chat or even responded with sarcastic comments to unusual requests. I find it strange to have to go in private only to ask or find out if a girl has a dildo. It is something that could perfectly clear in the public room.

Having said that, it must be clarified that LiveJasmin is a huge site. I don't know how many live cams there are connected while at all times but I think there are many. Some of the girls are great, friendly and more than willing to oblige users to make it beneficial and a good experience for both parties.

Conclusion on the new version of Livejasmin

LiveJasmin is a very nice site, is well designed with plenty of camgirls. Site navigation is easy and there are no recurring payments with card prices are attractive and you can not take any surprise. The erotic shows that I have been able to witness took a gentle but reasonable pace, and mostly online models were very predisposed. I have found a little bit of lack of audio in some of the rooms, which is a bit disappointing because it's very nice to be able to listen the voice of girls, some of them very sexy.

Also the possibility of doing "cam2cam" makes the experience still better because in this way it also can see you if you enable your webcam and allow it to be. This option is also available on Livejasmin previous version.

My advice is to first quietly enter the rooms to talk in free chat and when you see a girl that puts you very hot, buy credits to use with it.