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How to work for Livejasmin

The first thing to consider in order to work at LiveJasmin is that it has more than two million daily visitors, meaning that it is the most visited sex website on the internet. Much of this success is because it has been able to expand and work with many Web pages and webcam room affiliates who promote its product and use its system.

This means that there are many potential customers that employ many webcamers, who make their living by satisfying their sexual desires through a webcam. About 60,000 are on the payroll, but this is really an estimated total of all who have ever worked for this Company, as not all are still active. In my opinion, it is too high a figure. The ease of working at LiveJasmin is another reason why many girls are recruited, try it out, and if not convinced, stop working.


In my view, these are the main advantages of working for Livejasmin:


Since nothing is perfect, here are some disadvantages of working for Livejasmin that you should know:

Conditions for working with Livejasmin

Surely after reading all of this, you’ll have some of the following questions: What are the conditions to work for them? What is the minimum monthly charge? What is the best method of payment?

The initial requirements for Livejasmin are very simple: be of legal age, have a computer with a webcam and a broadband connection with a high enough quality. There is no distinction of country, language, appearance or sexual preference: among the models you’ll find woman, men, couples, groups, transvestites and transsexuals.

Being open-minded, not being frightened by the sexual preferences and tastes of the users, being shameless when getting naked in front of strangers, and having some degree of exhibitionism to have fun doing this are essential qualities in my point of view.

You can apply for registration and find more information in this official Livejasmin link.


The best advice that I can give you is to be patient, as the most important thing is to get regular customers. The way to do it is to be willing to spend time with them, listen, and little by little, get them to engage with us.

When you start webcamming, don’t charge a high rate per minute because this does not mean that you will earn more money. It is best to start to be popular and earn as many visitors and supporters as possible. Once you have achieved this, customers will be willing to pay more to see you and then it will make more sense to raise prices and they will value you as something more exclusively, as you are not for everyone. Fortunately, the rate per minute can be changed as many times as desired, so you can experiment for yourself and see how to earn more money.